These past few months have been most challenging for us as an organization and the tourism
sector as a whole.
At Mara Crossings camp, we have acknowledged the changes that has been caused by the
pandemic and as such we have put several measures in place to ensure that the safety and
comfort of our guests is of utmost priority as has been the tradition at Mara Crossings camp.
We are resilient as a people and we are certain that we will rise again post covid-19.
Thank you for your support and the entire Mara Crossings camp team awaits to welcome you
back to the beautiful Masai Mara!


All Mara Crossings staff undergo temperature checks daily, maintain the highest level of hygiene and practice social distancing.


  • Upon arrival, all our guests are fully briefed on the latest procedures and safety measures in place to protect them during their stay.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the reception. Provisions are made to sanitize the luggage.
  • Body temperature will be taken by an Infrared/thermal sensor.
  • All items provided to the guests at the reception are sanitized.


  • All housekeeping staff will use personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks.
  • Our rooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized as per established Covid-19 health protocols
  • A card with the Covid-19 health protocols are placed in the rooms.
  • All linen is washed and sanitized as per established anti Covid-19 health & safety standards.
  • Extra attention is given to high-touch areas: door handles, light switches, toilet seats, faucet handles
  • A packet of sealed wipes will be available in the rooms


  • Our restaurant layout has been changed to conform with social distancing.
  • Should we offer buffet service, everything will be done by the camps’ team.
  • Surfaces and other high touch areas will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Bush breakfast will be served with adequate spacing or on individual tables per couple and group. Individual service will be used for items normally shared, such as condiments and seasoning.
  • Hand sanitizers are conveniently located in the mess tents.


  • Hand sanitizer stations have been set up around the public areas at Mara Crossings Camp.
  • Social distance signages have been placed at vantage points throughout the camp.


  • Hand sanitizers are available in each vehicle.
  • Your guide will be wearing a mask throughout, for both their safety and that of the guest. The mask will be designed not to interfere with their guiding and ability to interact with their clients.